Discover Portugal all year round, along its deep blue coastline, culturally rich cities and large open rolling landscapes. Portugal is a country situated in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula bordering with Spain. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, influenced by the richness of the seas and climate. A nation built by its, thriving city centers, ancient kingdoms and powerful maritime empire from 16th century to 19th century. Immediately you will find the people of Portugal are warm and inviting embracing travelers with open arms. A country that is famous for its seafood, use of spices and sweet creamy custard pastry tarts, is a must try while in Portugal.

Portugal is mainly set in a sunny warm temperate climate for most of the year, June to August brings on the warm long summer days, plenty of days to be under the clear blue skies and starry nights. The winter’s during December to February where it is known for the cool, few wet days and mild weather with light snow up on top of the mountains, which makes this country easy to visit at anytime of the year.

There are unknown spots where its possible to swim in the crystal clear waters relaxing on one of many stunning beaches enjoying the slow laid back coastal towns, there is also active surfing communities, surfers from inside and outside Europe come to Portugal to ride the variety of waves and swells. Along the coastline most notably are the dramatic sandstone cliffs edged wide across the horizon imagine endless sunsets.

Vibrant city of Lisbon is the epic center and beating heart of Portugal. The capital has a thriving culture; bursting with great places to eat, steep gobble streets and Arts. Through out the city most charming are the pastel colored buildings and it beautiful views of the sparkling river. Evenings are buzzing with bars, exciting places to eat and music to feel alive with.

Come to Portugal! Make this country your next escape an incredibly beautiful country not to be missed.