Portugal’s capital Lisbon is a place you won’t fall short of, in fact theres so much to offer. Lisbon is walk able although very hilly in parts of the city here is the key spots and steps to explore the city on foot.

Day 1 walk to Rossio Station be at wonder at the style of the building it is in the centre of town but is easily missed as it is a operating train station. Rossio station is the main central hub for Lisbon’s transport hub and has metro stops near by. Centrally located and is easy to get to. For an incredible view you can ride vertical lift Elevador de Santa Justa. A beautiful ornate cast iron designs can easily draw you back into time a great place to visit and take photos. Wonder the streets to Arco da Rua Augusta, an inspiring archway that was built to remember the reconstruction from the city powerful earthquake of 1755.

Day 2 Today its time to try one of Portugal’s most famous egg custard pastries and by far a enjoyable treat one is never enough. Drop into Manteigaria and Praça Luís de Camões to sample Pasteis da nata. Make your way to the narrow streets directly North of Praça Luís de Camões enjoy the charming little restaurants in the narrow streets of Chiado neighbourhood.

Day 3 Last day to make the most of your trip take the Ascensor da Glória this is a elevator going up the hill, it function to move people up and down the hill for short journey, it is a fun ride to experience at lest once. The other option is to walk and take photos of the street art murals going up the path. Enjoy your free time listing to the sounds of the streets and people of the city.

3 days in Lisbon goes fast but it is perfect guide for a short adventure in this remarkable city, just a sample. But before you will come back for more.