Portugal expansive coastline stretches roughly 1,794km a variety of wind swept beaches over the giant blue horizon. Truly considered as one of the greatest surfing destinations on the planet. Most people come to enjoy the warm sunshine and the sea breeze. If you have never been interested in surfing then now is your time. Making a trip out to visit these beaches will totally change your mind. So here is the best of the best surf beaches in Portugal so don’t miss out on the action.

Espinho is best known for its surf spot in North Portugal. The waves break fast of the jetty and runs through to the inside over to the shallow rocks. There are moments where are plenty of tubing of 3 meters (10ft.) Ideal for intermediate to advance surfers. The beach can be crowded at times as well as riding a wave. Beautiful beach by the rocky jetty is a great spot to watch the surf and sunset

Praia D Norte Nazare is world famous for its giant breaking waves, only the fearless are strong willed to ride these massive death-defying 30meter (100 ft) waves. This big surf broke the Guinness world record for the biggest waves ever surfed. Only for the very well experienced surfers but most certainly a incredible surf beach to visit as a spectator watching these massive waves roll in.

Paul De Carcavelos is a historical beach to visit with it’s wide sandy beach stretching out 2 kilometers long and off the outer edge is Forte de São Julião da Barra 16th century seaside for is now the home to ministry of maritime. This surf beach is a popular beach to lay down read a book and to enjoy warm sun kissed skin. Perfect beach for intermediate surfers and is not to far from Lisbon.

Portugal is known for its surfing all around the world, it’s a place to relax enjoy the natural rhythm of the ocean riding the waves as they come. So next time you come to Portugal be sure to bring your surfboard and hang ten.